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Our professional web developer has complete knowledge in every element of E-Commerce development. We provide the flexibility the client needs to create a website without limits and stand out online.

E-commerce has revolutionized the way we look at the Internet. These days, the Internet is no more just a communication medium. E-commerce solution has added a lot more value to the traditional Internet. With the comfort of your home/office, you can now order virtually anything from the Internet through various E-commerce sites with endless possibilities.


An E-Commerce site is a solution for selling physical goods, and it is utilized to sell intangible kinds of stuff like services, consultation, etc. E-Commerce provides you with a broader range of products and services to compare and buy. The review and feedback system in most E-Commerce platforms makes it easy for you to trust the product before trying it for yourself genuinely. Also, E-Commerce can be used as a referral point to gain more information about a product before considering to buy it later online or from the local market. E-Commerce provides you a lot of opportunities with the convenience of your own time and place.


Just as E-Commerce has made its way to the internet in such a big way, owing to multi-billions in market share for the retail industry. It opens many opportunities for you as a business owner to take your business online and sell your products and services to a broader audience. An E-commerce site can push your business to get that added momentum and make it an instant success.

There are millions of e-commerce sites out there on the internet. To get that extra edge in this industry, you need to have inside knowledge of the industry. It would be best if you had an adviser or, more like, a consultant who can give shape to your business idea. Building a platform could be trickier too. It would help if you had a whole idea about the forum you want to develop for your E-Commerce store.


What is more often seen is that people invest in a platform, and after a certain period and spending a lot of money on that, they find out the forum is not suitable for them. Even you observe that someone else has been running it already by the time you complete your platform. So time is the essence. Once you miss out on your timeline, that could wound your business for an extended amount of time.


These are some places where PC Doctors.NET has excelled in. We provide a top-notch 100% professional consultation at absolutely FREE of COST. You can talk to our experts, share their opinion on your vision, and you can make sure that your business idea could work. Even talking to our experts is 100% Obligation free. That means, if you don’t like our opinion or you don’t want to work with us, we’ll not force you to do so. Do as you please. But you can be assured that our experts will not only analyze the project for you but also give a complete time frame and budget information. So feel free to contact us, and we might help you get your E-Commerce site ready.

E-commerce Solutions

We offer revolutionary e-commerce development and payment gateway solutions for every type of online commerce business.

CMS, WordPress, Drupal

We develop content management systems (CMS) to enable you to manage site content effectively.


We build successful Intranets/Extranets development solution for you brand, provide integration service and in-house networks.

Facebook Applications

We are a leading application development company offering Web, Mobile & Facebook App Development services.

Email Marketing Solutions

We create best-in-class email marketing software to create, send and track email campaigns that will earn results.

PHP and JS Development

We provide software development services in: PHP, Drupal, Python, JavaScript/ jQuery and other modern technologies.

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We will not inaugurate your new website or close the project before completing every strict testing in all types of devices and search engines, as well as operating systems Testing, is performed both as a user and as an administrator to ensure your site is modern and responsive.

Secured testing environment for your web project

Setting up the right test environment ensures web project testing success. We use standard tools to view the project content and make necessary changes according to the requirement. Also, we will provide access to a secured staging or testing environment for your site which is hosted on our servers during the process of your project building.

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